What I Learned From Watching G.I. Joe on Repeat

Ever since renting G.I. Joe: Retaliation from Redbox (I love me some Redbox!) I have been watching repeatedly. Mostly to see Storm Shadow topless within the first half hour, but that is another story. Here is what I learned from watching it 50 million times.

1. Action speaks way louder than words. Look at Snake Eyes, dude takes his vow of silence very seriously. He has not spoken a word since the first movie, still not speaking the current one even though the killer of his master had been revealed, and he probably will not talk in the third one. He makes no sound, not even a cough, but still his team knows he has their back. Snake Eyes is always around to fight with his team or for his team and has never disappointed. Everyone knows this because he displays this behavior so well that he does not have to say anything.

2. It is okay to change values or switch sides. Sometimes whatever it is that you are fighting for may not be worth it after a while. We grow up. We educate ourselves and eventually our values change. Storm Shadow is not totally a bad guy, but he is not all that good either. Clearly, he knows how to choose his battles and fight for a better cause. And you know what, it worked.

So, yeah, that’s what I learned. Don’t worry, I already knew Channing Tatum was hot.


Closed Captioning on @YouTube Videos

I use YouTube often for finding workout videos to try, beauty tips, tips about how to style my hair, etc. What really irks me is that most, if not all, of the videos do not have closed captioning.

I am hard of hearing, so watching a video without captions is frustrating for me. It is especially worse when it is a video published by a business that wants you to use their product or service. Perhaps the business is not targeting the deaf and hard of hearing community? Hmm.

And, it is not only this demographic that demands or needs captioned videos, sometimes the videos do not publish correctly, the voices become garbled, and therefore, difficult to understand. Then, there are those who publish from different parts of the world, our accents vary and closed captioning makes it easier them to be understood. Let’s not forget the ones that have music in the background and drown out the speaker’s voice, the message is definitely not getting across, then.

A business marketing their product needs to target everyone in their audience. Not just the people who might understand their videos. So please, caption them.

@KeairaLashae #Workouts I Love

When it’s time for me to workout, I head straight to YouTube and type in the words “superherofitnesstv” into the search box. Then, all the videos by the fit and curvy Keaira Lashae appear. I absolutely love her workouts.

What makes her stand out from the rest is her personality, the workouts are tough and makes me sweat buckets, but it is her personality and encouragement that keep me going. The woman is hilarious, sometimes she says exactly what those of us who do her workouts are thinking, but she continues to push us.

Another thing is that her workouts are FUN. I do not like to do workouts that seem like a workout. For example, I have tried Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs, while these workouts were also tough, I became bored with it. In Keaira’s workouts, toward the end, it becomes obvious that she is getting tired and feeling the same way the rest of us are. For whatever reason, that is encouraging versus watching ten smiling people act as if the workouts are not getting to them and when I am getting tired, I am thinking “Damn, am I that lazy?” I have never liked aerobic type videos, there is something about the smiling people that freaks me out.

My favorite #TeamLashae workouts are the Tabata, Reggae Dancehall, Booty Pop & Roll, Kickboxing/Dance, and Hip Hop Booty Shaking. She has other workouts, but these are the ones I get down on!

Take a look. Try it. Maybe you will also want to be on #TeamLashae.

#HappyBirthday To Me

I’m 29 years old today. Thank you Lord for bringing me this far.

My birthday motivates me to do better. A person should never stop improving themselves. We should always want more out of life whether it is to be healthier, have a better career, etc. because there is always more to do. At the same time, we must be satisfied with what we have. Now, being satisfied does not mean to become comfortable because then you will stop “moving and shaking” and nothing will come out of that. It is better to be happy with what you have now while working toward something much better.

If we focus on what we have and not what we do not have, we’ll will be much happier.

Inspirational Thought from Secrets of A Super Small Business on Facebook

Realise that not all movement is progress. When stress and tension and chaos surround you, pause for a moment and relax. The best time to take a deep breath is when you don’t have time for it. Select a specific challenge, deal with it, and then move calmly and confidently to the next. When you’re being pulled in multiple directions at once, take time to remember what you value most. Focus on what’s most important to you and you’ll naturally direct your greatest energy to the right source. Life is filled with either problems or possibilities. What you see is what you choose to see. On the surface life can seem tumultuous and perplexing, yet deep inside, where it truly matters, life is what you make of it. Choose to see beyond the problems to the possibilities that await your attention.

Secrets of a Super Small Business