What I Learned From Watching G.I. Joe on Repeat

Ever since renting G.I. Joe: Retaliation from Redbox (I love me some Redbox!) I have been watching repeatedly. Mostly to see Storm Shadow topless within the first half hour, but that is another story. Here is what I learned from watching it 50 million times.

1. Action speaks way louder than words. Look at Snake Eyes, dude takes his vow of silence very seriously. He has not spoken a word since the first movie, still not speaking the current one even though the killer of his master had been revealed, and he probably will not talk in the third one. He makes no sound, not even a cough, but still his team knows he has their back. Snake Eyes is always around to fight with his team or for his team and has never disappointed. Everyone knows this because he displays this behavior so well that he does not have to say anything.

2. It is okay to change values or switch sides. Sometimes whatever it is that you are fighting for may not be worth it after a while. We grow up. We educate ourselves and eventually our values change. Storm Shadow is not totally a bad guy, but he is not all that good either. Clearly, he knows how to choose his battles and fight for a better cause. And you know what, it worked.

So, yeah, that’s what I learned. Don’t worry, I already knew Channing Tatum was hot.